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Oribe Vases

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White hand-thrown vases, with a copper Oribe glaze dripping on the rim. All unique, therefore slight differences in glaze finish and only one of each vase available, listed alphabetically from left to right:
Vase A: Narrow rounded form with deeper green H:14cm W: 9cm 700g
Vase B: Vase with inverted curved rim and lighter green glazing. (NB: Small green glaze spec on white) H: 13.5cm W: 11cm 880g
Vase C: Shortest in the collection, made with a grogged clay, which shows as speckles in the white glazing. H:11.5cm W: 12cm 600g
Vase D: Softly curved form with blended drips H: 13.5cm W: 11.5cm 700g
Vase E: Donut rim vase with flatten top and defined drips. H: 14.5cm W: 10.5cm 800g


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